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Condition / Drill / Spar
What is CDS?
Condition / Drill / Spar™ (CDS) is simply a martial arts skill development progression. CDS Program is a customized progression constructed around each students knowledge, skills, interests and needs.
CDS developed during my time as a Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do student with Sifu Bryan Stoops. To satisfy curriculum requirements I elected teaching a methodology of combat templates, realistic scenarios utilizing various martial solutions versus increasing intent and pressure.
Conditioning our core and various muscle groups provides a stable foundation to execute martial skills in a powerful and controlled manner. CDS Conditioning is composed of warm ups, strengthening and stretching supporting the martial skills of interest.
    - Warm ups: stretching and increasing blood flow to muscles. Accomplished using various Silat ground                                   movements.
    - Conditioning Stations : a timed sequence of exercise stations using both Compound and Isolation based exercises             targets various individual and muscles groups.
    - Conditioning Benchmark: classic basic exercises that are done in class and can be maintained by students at                       home via Push ups, sit ups, Hindu pushups, burpees, jump rope, running, ... 
Drilling martial art techniques allows students to isolate idioms, examine, dissect, train, develop, and receive feedback and correction, in low pressure environment. These drills are furthered by instilled by stitching a sequence of drills together (a template) allowing the same examination of bridging different drills.
Sparring is where Conditioning and Drilling are tested and expressed under pressure of weapons, an opponent, and or multiple opponents. CDS Sparring is introduced incrementally to build students abilities and confidence. Tactics and strategies are also explored, teaching students situational awareness. Emphasis is on individual improvement, noncompetitive pressure testing, and a fun.
CDS Program
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